About Retire Lazy

San FranciscoYou may be lazy but you made it to my site, thanks for joining me! For now I go by Retire Lazy or you can call me Connor, whatever floats your boat.

“Lazy” isn’t a negative word here, it just happens to be the way we are. Together we can learn how to retire early even while being lazy and learn to improve ourselves along the way.

I’m new to this and hoping to garner a love for writing and sharing my story. After graduating I knew that the 40+ hour grind wouldn’t suit me for the rest of my life. Financial independence and early retirement made sense to me from the beginning.


My entire life the prospect of working 40+ hours a week the rest of my life, just to live, has never been appealing. However it was always accepted that this would just be the way things are.

College brought on the debt, seeing the number add up over four years was my call to action. I escaped with what seems like a low student loan burden these days – $40,000.

Grace periods are the only good things about student loans. It was this half a month that I really started tracking my finances and planning out my future. I refinanced my student loans from the standard 20 year payment to 5 years, to force myself to pay them off aggressively.

In the time since I have increased my net worth by nearly $40,000 and it has only been a year. Contributing to my employer sponsored 401k, IRA, and brokerage accounts is going to set me up for the years to come.

What are you waiting for? Let’s all retire lazy together!

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