Soylent Experiment – Doesn’t Get Much Lazier Than This

soylent“Soylent Green is people!” Well, thankfully it isn’t in our universe.

Food is my biggest weakness. I love to eat, but who doesn’t? Not only has it been detrimental to my physical health but my financial health as well. Preparing food is something I still struggle with, it simply isn’t appealing to me. Cooking is a skill that I would like to develop further in time, my mindset just needs to be right. It is an attractive quality and it would allow me to control my health while learning to make things I truly enjoy.

I have never managed my food intake particularly well but college is where things really got bad for me. The “Freshman 15” may not be a real thing but it certainly was for me. From what I have tracked in MyFitnessPal I was up to 170 pounds at my worst point. Ever since I have struggled getting to a weight that I am truly comfortable with, losing and gaining weight sporadically. Currently I’m around 155 pounds which is much better than my worst but I want better. Honestly, I want to lose my love handles and gut.

All too often I find myself in drive thrus or downing yet another burrito bowl. Eating out hurts my wallet and my waistline similarly. While there are cheap options and nutritional information readily available online, overdoing it is far too easy.  Enter soylent.

Why Soylent?

Soylent NutritionSoylent is a meal replacement drink that was introduced in 2014 by Rosa Labs. Initially offered as a powder, they have since introduced a bottled Ready-To-Drink option. Taste is subjective but from what I have read about the powder, I just didn’t think it would be for me, even if it is more economical. The bottles come in Original, Cacao, and Nectar. Each bottle contains 400 calories and 20% of your daily nutritional needs (based on a 2000 calorie diet). Weight loss is my ultimate goal and I am on a 1600 calorie diet, so four bottles even per day works out perfect for me.

One case of 12 bottles of Soylent Cacao runs $39 on Amazon with Prime Shipping or $3.25 per meal. If you use Subscribe & Save and have more than five subscriptions, each case goes down to $33.15 and about $2.75 per meal. This isn’t exactly cheap, at least not for those adept at cooking meals for one everyday, but it makes sense for me. In total I will only spend around $330 per month on Soylent. This is significantly less than my typical restaurant and grocery spending.

Soylent NutritionEven though I won’t be getting the “full nutritional value” by only drinking four bottles a day, I wasn’t anywhere near it when I was eating out for nearly every meal.

Starting Off

Officially I began this experiment on April 2, 2017. My starting weight was 157 pounds. While I am also exercising along the way, the details of that are coming in another post soon. I am recording my weight every morning and will present the results at the end of the experiment. There is no set time frame for this but I hope to continue for two months.

After only a week of full time Soylent I am feeling confident that I can succeed. The cacao is actually very pleasing and each bottle fills me up and doesn’t leave me hungry. Schedule wise, I have stuck to eating at 10 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM. Restrictive eating is another interesting topic I have read about recently, so I planned a 12 hour “fast” in my days. This is generally easily accomplished as you are sleeping for most of the fast. If you’re interested check out this post from Lifting Revolution.

Challenges will arise along the way, I do love to eat after all, but I won’t let any slip ups derail the experiment. The longer I can extend the experiment the less opportunity any mistakes will have to ruin things. Eating nothing but soylent (for the most part) is increasingly intriguing and I am excited to share the results with you all.


2 Replies to “Soylent Experiment – Doesn’t Get Much Lazier Than This”

  1. Have you checked out the blog Mark’s Daily Apple? A lot of men seem to click with his writing.

    This week I’m trying a repetitive diet. I’m eating the same 3 meals for five days. What I like is that there are no decisions to make.

    1. Thanks for checking out my post Mrs Groovy! I’ll have to look up Mark’s blog.

      You’ll have to let us know how that goes, it definitely sounds interesting. Planning in advance can definitely make things easier though repetitive eating can be a challenge, especially in this case. That’s why I made the post, hopefully it will keep me honest.

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